4 things you should tell your copywriter to get great sales copy

You’ve come to a point in your business that you want to concentrate on your clients and outsource the writing stuff. Or you just don’t have the time to do the copy yourself because you are booked solid. You see clear indications in your day to day life, that you just need someone else to do this for you. Either the writing time is out of your revenue making work hours or it just takes you way too long to write something, that you don’t even want to think about it.

Don’t fret! Copywriters are closer than you think and we are here to help you in these situations. Give your copywriter quality info before hand to base their work on and they are very likely to succeed. Us copywriters should have your best interest in mind at all times, and that is to make your business succeed.

Here are a few tips on how to brief your copywriter about your project to get maximum results:


1.     Who are you?

Tell a bit about how you started, who do you serve, where are you now and what you aim at in the near future. This will give the copywriter some knowledge on what your goals are and what the story is behind it all. Also brief them on your companys brand identity, especially the tone of voice if such already has been established.


2.     What is the project?

Elaborate on if this a totally new project maybe a total rebrand or new product. In some cases you might just want old copy to be refreshed. Talk about the agenda of this project, for whom and where will it be published. Should it be consistent with old content or do you want to take a new approach, if so what is it? Also if the copy will be part of a larger project with graphic design and other content creation involved, try to provide as much info as possible about the vision for this project. That should also be reflected in the copy.


3.     What is your core message?

In this stage we dive deeper into the agenda and target market, and you need to figure out a core message. This can also be stated in a goal setting manner, what you aim to tell your audience and what message do you want to get through to them. You should touch on SEO keywords, if you have researched suitable ones already.


4.     How do you want the copy process to go?

It’s not just when the copy is due, but also how will the process go. The copy contract should include at least one revision, so that you can read the provided copy and give your feed back on it. If needed, based on that feed back your copywriter will edit the copy and send you the final text. Try to be as specific as you can when giving the feed back. This will help your copywriter refine the copy and edit it to match your wishes.

If you have given a good brief before hand and your feed back in the revision has been very precise, you should have great copy in your hands!

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